Vonzás – Virág illatok

Feb 10, 2023
Mindannyian tudjuk, hogy a természet hihetetlen jótékony hatással lehet hangulatunkra és közérzetünkre. Olyannyira, hogy ha a zöld színt használsz otthonodban, akkor hasonló hatást vált ki. De mi a helyzet a

Which one should I choose? Allergen-free or Hypoallergenic?

May 12, 2022
More and more people are consciously looking for environmentally friendly detergents made from natural ingredients without the addition of chemicals or synthetic substances, as they want to avoid unpleasant allergic reactions or hypersensitivity. We already know that not only

International Stress Awareness Month

Apr 7, 2022
The information of the world around us have s never affected us as strongly as they do today. The flow of information intentionally or unintentionally causes stress in our bodies. It's unpleasant, but completely

The clean scents of our home

Jan 30, 2022
Scents affect us in a special way, as we can associate experiences and emotions with each scent and recall them. This is because the nose is the only sense

You can find us in these Rossmann stores

Apr 26, 2021
You can find Baby hypoallergenic washing gel with powder fragrance and Baby hypoallergenic fabric softener with powder fragrance in the following Rossmann stores: 1035 Budapest Flórián tér 6-9. 1082 Budapest Corvin promenade 1. 1103

Feel good in your clothes!

Sep 4, 2020
We can have allergic reactions not only to pollens, foods, and fragrances, but also to the clothes that cover our body. Clothes and underwear are in contact with our skin all day long, so if they are washed with chemicals

Why is it worth to use ANANDAM fabric softener?

Aug 30, 2020
Countless articles mention the risks of using chemical fabric softeners. A natural fabric softener can be a great help during washing, you just need to find the right composition. We have collected the benefits of ANANDAM natural rinse

Refresh yourself with the energy of lemon!

Aug 4, 2020
"Do you know the country where lemons bloom and golden oranges glow among the dark foliage?" asked Goethe. Perhaps we can say that, apart from Sicily, there is no other Italian region that

Prevention and treatment of viral infection

Mar 11, 2020
In the case of viral and bacterial diseases, it is advisable to provide extra support to our body in the fight against diseases. We have collected some key organs, by strengthening and detoxifying them, we can live a healthier life. What can we do for them

Essential oils against cold

Feb 22, 2020
During the winter cold season, we have collected our favorite essential oils, and share with you why we love them so much. Natural medicine offers many excellent solutions with the help of which

Winter scents, moods

Jan 17, 2020
With the onset of cold weather, we begin to miss the wonderful scents of flowers and plants that flooded our surroundings in spring and summer. In such cases, we like to use essential oils for the sake of the magic of the delicious fragrance experience. We've all heard it

Christmas preparation with essential oils

Dec 1, 2019
  As Christmas approaches, we prepare feverishly, buy gifts, bake and cook, and strive to fill our homes and loved ones with joy and happiness. We try to have the most delicious Christmas menus at this time of the year

Let's be good to each other!

Oct 29, 2019
Let's be good to each other! This thought was shared with us by Charlie Horváth, who was the first to join the ANANDAM kindness campaign. He would like to draw attention to how important it is that they are good, humane, and helpful

You can find us in these DM stores

Jul 10, 2019
  You can find ECO hypoallergenic washing gel and ECO hypoallergenic fabric softener with a powder scent in the following dm stores with the Eco-household module: Budapest stores: Postal code City Address 1011 BUDAPEST Batthyány tér 5-6. 1016 Budapest

Spring is here!

Mar 21, 2019
Nature is finally waking up, which has countless wonders in store for children of preschool age. Through these miracles, they learn what makes spring. Let's help them in the garden and on the playgrounds.

Christmas herbs and spices

Dec 21, 2018
As Christmas approaches, most people prepare feverishly, buy gifts for relatives, bake and cook, and try to make sure everything goes as planned. We try to be the most delicious at this time of the year

Hogyan csökkenthető a Koleszterinszint gyógynövényekkel?

Nov 1, 2018
          Napjainkban a magas koleszterinszint a népbetegségek közé sorolható. Gyógyszerek szedésével ugyan a referencia tartományban tartható a vér koleszterin szintje, de azok elhagyásával ismét megemelkedik. Általában vérhígítóval kombinálva


Jul 14, 2018
 Essential essential oils are volatile clays found in nature, which are formed in bushes, flowers, trees, roots, shrubs and seeds. Method of extraction: Pure, therapeutic-quality essential oil is obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing

Mental peace with the help of herbs

Mar 11, 2018
In the 21st century, it can be clearly stated that stress can be classified as a national disease. Maybe it's a cliché, but it's true that the world has sped up, we're always in a hurry, we're impatient at the cash register, even if